Foundations of Art History - Part I



Presented By

Harald Dertinger


The Ward Room
Opening Event of our Western Art History Series !

This will be a 5-part Series, tracing the history of human artistic expression from the the stone age through Greek and Roman times, to the dark ages and the revival of art in the middle-ages and Renaissance ... all the way to the 20th Century and even present times.

The 5 lectures will cover European, Mediterranean and American art, while leaving Arabian/Islamic, Asian and African art for a separate Series of lectures at a later time.

The timeline-division will be as follows for each lecture:

1) Stone age, ancient Egyptians, and the peak of Greek culture around 200 BC

2) Roman times until early medieval times

3) Romanesque art until early Renaissance period

4) High Renaissance until around 1900

5) 20th Century up to present


Harald Dertinger presents pictures, facts and information on genesis of human artistic activity across the millennia. Lecture 1 starts with the cave-paintings in Lascaux, France, but moves forward quickly, spending about equal time on Egyptian, Persian and Greek civilizations and their art.


The Western Art History Series will continue with the 2nd part, "From Roman until early medieval times" in April - Date TBA ...


This event is Free of charge !

However, donations to ArtsAltoona's mission fulfillment and cultural outreach are always greatly appreciated !

This way you can support our After School Arts Program (ASAP), and our broad range of music, cultural and artistic programs and activities for young and old !




- Lascaux cave paintings in France - circa 17000 years old
- Rosetta Stone from Egypt - 2217 years old
- Parthenon in Athens, Greece - 2453 years old

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