Winter Escapes to Costa Rica

Presented By

Harald Dertinger


The Ward Room
January weather & temps in Central-PA ...


  ... why not delve in the balmy Tropics for an hour ?

  Enjoy a wide range of exotic plants and animals, plus the stunning landscapes of Costa Rica.

  From the sandy or rocky Pacific coast to the lush banks of inland rivers, from prehistoric looking iguanas and enormous, 15-foot crocodiles to brightly colored birds and butterflies.

  Other marvels include a -mildly- active volcano, a coffee-plantation, gold artifacts of Central-American tribes of many centuries past ... and gorgeous Sun-sets that are truly extraordinary.



Harald Dertinger presents pictures, facts and information on a tropical paradise about a 2.5 hour flight South of Pennsylvania - actually a bit closer than Las Vegas for instance.

Twice the size of the State of Maryland, and bordering on Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the South, Costa Rica has a population of just over 5 million.

This is a 2-part mini-series, with the second presentation on -still cold- February 24th.

During the February event we hope to have a Live-feed with a small Altoona group traveling in Costa Rica at that time for an Arts-project.


This event is Free of charge !

However, donations to ArtsAltoona's mission fulfillment and cultural outreach are always greatly appreciated !

This way you can support our After School Arts Program (ASAP), and our broad range of music, cultural and artistic programs and activities for young and old !



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