Art & Installations

"Dream, Create, & Inspire" Mural

Overlooking the Mural Green and best seen from the corner of 6th Avenue and 23rd Street, this mural was painted by local artist Pamela Snyder-Etters. The mosaic butterflies were created and donated by Pam's friend and fellow artist Anju Jolly.

"The Arts" Mural

Olivia Steele has been interested in the arts since a young age, and wanted a career that would allow her to use her creativity as much as possible. After studying Art Studio at Indiana University of Pennsylvania she moved home to Patton, PA, and got involved with ArtsAltoona. She is currently working in the Learning Pods with students who have not been able to return to school. Olivia recently designed and began executing this mural in late 2020, and hopes to finish it in early 2021. She wanted the mural to show what ArtsAltoona is about - the coming together of all of the arts in one place. Along with this she has also designed a mural for the UPMC Altoona Hospital.

Red Sand Project

The Red Sand Project is a participatory artwork created by Molly Gochman that uses sidewalk interventions and earthwork installations to create opportunities for people to question, connect and take action against vulnerabilities that can lead to human trafficking and exploitation. The ArtsAltoona Center participated in this project in January 2020 in support of Family Services, Inc's awareness activities. 


"Wrapper’s Delight" Installation

In an effort to make its presence known, create drive-by public art, and pay homage to the late Christo, ArtsAltoona presents "Wrapper’s Delight", a performance art piece that will combine music mash-up, hip hop dance, and tree wrapping.  The project brings together multiple artists, performers, and art forms and offers a sampling of ArtsAltoona programing efforts that include a visual, musical, or performance experience. The installation featured the music mash-up skills of DJ Chaos, choreography by Alicia Lombardo to be performed by three dancers, and Claudia Montero and her sister, the wrap artists.