New Years Resolution Group - Be Artistic in 2022

Presented By

Harald Dertinger


The Ward Room

If keeping New Years Resolutions only was as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 !!!

This event -which had to be postponed due to Winter Weather Advisory on January 6th- is for folks who would like to draw some inspiration, and also mutual support from like-minded people on making worthwhile New Years Resolutions about specific artistic or cultural goals for 2022.

Even with the postponement by 2 weeks, there are still 345 days left in 2022 to add more Arts and/or Culture to our lives, as a new, creative routine.

Moderator Harald Dertinger will outline some NYR-basics as they relate to adding more Art/Culture to our lives, but after 15 min or so the group will just "Brainstorm" options, feeding off each other's ideas and past experiences (successes & failures), helping participants to define enriching and fun artistic or cultural ventures for the new year.

There will be a 2nd meeting on Thursday, February 10th, during which group members will talk about how their Art/Culture New Years Resolution has held up since the first meeting, and how they might want to modify them going forward.


This event is Free of charge !

Donations to ArtsAltoona's mission fulfillment and cultural outreach are always greatly appreciated !

This way you can support our After School Arts Program (ASAP), and our broad range of cultural and artistic programs and activities for young and old !

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