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  • Winter Escapes to Costa Rica

    Come and delve in the balmy Tropics for an hour !
    Enjoy a wide range of exotic plants and animals, plus the stunning landscapes of Costa Rica.
    From the sandy or rocky Pacific coast to the lush banks of inland rivers, from prehistoric looking iguanas and enormous, 15-foot crocodiles to brightly colored birds and butterflies.
  • Foundations of Art History - Part I

    This will be a 5-part Series, tracing the history of human artistic expression from the the stone age through Greek and Roman times, to the dark ages and the revival of art in the middle-ages and Renaissance ... all the way to the 20th Century and even present times.
  • History of the Roaring 1920s

    The 3rd decade of the 20th Century started off on a high-note !
    WW1 had just ended, women gained the right to vote, and many key inventions made life more comfortable.
    But the 1920s were also an "in between Decade", sandwiched between World War I and the Great Depression.